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As a non-profit organization, Peachtree Christian Hospice relies on generous charitable gifts from benefactors to subsidize our Benevolence, Serene Retreat, and  Heart2Heart Programs, which are comprised of personalized services that help to impart comfort, compassion, and hope to our patients and their loved ones.

      • Benevolence: We believe that all patients should be afforded the opportunity to die with dignity in a home-like environment with compassionate care and outstanding medical attention – regardless of their ability to pay. Benevolence is the dedicated program that underwrites the medical expenses of Peachtree Christian Hospice patients who have no insurance or other financial means.
      • Serene Retreat: Gifts to Peachtree Christian Hospice can support the specialized program, Serene Retreat, designed to meticulously maintain the home-like Hospice Center and its surrounding property, ensuring utmost tranquility for our patients.
      • Heart2Heart Veteran’s Salute: Veterans often have unique end-of-life reconciliation needs – especially those who have served in wars and conflicts. And their families have often sacrificed so much. Heart2Heart gifts permit us to honor and thank each veteran who becomes a patient in our Center. With a Patriotic Pinning Ceremony that includes the ceremonial presentation of a pin, certificate, and keepsake quilt, Heart2Heart gifts allow us to salute a veteran – one last time.
      • Heart2Heart Amenities: Donations to the Heart2Heart program helps us ensure that patients are allowed to spend every minute they have left on this earth surrounded by those they love. Gifts to Heart2Heart can provide for special amenities, such a food, toiletries, and other comfort items to allow family members to remain at the bedside of their loved one during an average length stay of 5-7 days.
      • Heart2Heart Veterans Victory Garden Pavers: With the help of Tony Price, Aftercare Director at Tim Stewart Funeral Home, Peachtree Christian Hospice participates in the national “We Honor Veterans” program to honor all veterans who become patients in our facility. Tony graciously helped conceptualize the building of a Veterans Victory Garden. Heart2Heart gifts will provide funding to build it and pay tribute to the countless number of veterans who have served our country. Plus Garden Pavers on this serene area of our grounds provide memorial opportunities to honor those who have served.
      • Heart2Heart Wish Fulfillment: Behind the pain and suffering of people afflicted with life-limiting illness are often wishes and dreams that could ease anguish, provide relief from misery, or even bring peace to an end-of-life journey. Gifts to the Heart2Heart program allow us to identify suitable “wishes” and when appropriate, fulfill desires such as transportation of a distanced loved one for a final visit, a special event or favorite meal request, or even a visit from a favorite sports figure.
      • Heart2Heart Legacy Garden Pavers Peachtree Christian Hospice has been well recognized for the extraordinary care our dedicated staff provides to patients. It is in gratitude of this compassion and care that families often wish to gift a lasting legacy in memory of their loved one. Through Heart2Heart and with the help of Frankie Stewart, Funeral Director at Tim Stewart Funeral Home, we have begun a Legacy Garden Pavers program. This program provides a memorial opportunity to comfort families who long for permanent commemoration of their loved one in the place they shard their final time together.

In addition to these programs, Peachtree Christian Hospice continues its outreach to local communities to provide support and participate in meaningful initiatives, as well as to focus on maximizing the effectiveness and efficiencies of its staff and operations.

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Please contact Cathy Camacho, at 770-232-7727 for further information including charitable gift opportunities.