There are four levels of hospice care:

  • Routine Care – This level is the most common regarding hospice services.  This level of care is offered in the patient’s home and covers services related to the qualifying hospice diagnosis.
  • Respite Care – For temporary relief of the caregiver, respite services are offered.  The patient would go to an in-patient setting for up to 5 nights/6 days of care so that the caregiver can rest or attend out of town events.
  • In-patient Care – This level of care is for those needing acute symptom management.  Once the symptoms have been managed, the patient may be able to return to their prior living arrangement with routine hospice care.
  • Continuous Care – This level of care is for acute episodes of symptoms that can be managed in the home with additional support.  Once the episode has resolved, the patient will continue with routine hospice care.

Peachtree Christian Hospice provides both in-patient and respite care.